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Water Management / Groundwater Simulation, Danube River


  • GIS – Geographical Information Systems
  • Hydraulic Engineering


Dorsch International Consultants


Wasserwirtschaftsamt Ingolstadt


From 2004 to 2005

Project Activities

  • Determination of basic conditions and boundary conditions
  • Drilling profiles
  • Developing a groundwater model for the as-is state including a calibration of model parameters
  • Simulation of the forecast state including different scenarios
  • Postprocessing: Displaying results as difference maps and contour plots


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In order to analyze the impact on the groundwater levels due to relocating a dam, which currently is located along the Danube river, a groundwater model is developed.

The additional retention area can be used as a preventive and decentralised flood retention.

Based on given geological, hydro-geological, and topographical data combined with initiated groundwater measurements, a three-dimensional transient groundwater model is developed.

The model includes the entire investigation domain, the boundary conditions, a 3-dimensional digital surface model and the model parameters such as conductivity and porosity.

The model parameters have been calibrated.

The infiltration of surface water through the different im- permeable surface layers into the soil is modelled by a leakage approach which also has been calibrated.