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Traffic and Development Planning in Focus  

We all have to get from A to B every day. And we need to do so as quickly and comfortably as possible. This is exactly the task we take on. With our efficient planning for road, rail, water and air transport infrastructure we can ensure a speedy arrival, whether by public transport or by car. In addition, we make sure that areas and properties previously without access are also connected to the traffic network. 

Moreover, our experts have already conducted hundreds of traffic surveys and traffic management reviews and studies. Over decades, they have been able to acquire deep and well-founded knowledge for traffic and transport engineering projects of all kinds. See for yourself!

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We offer the following services

  • Whole transport system concept / traffic development plans
  • Integrated traffic systems 
  • Expert reports
  • Transportation research
  • Standardised ratings
  • Execution of planning procedures
  • Research works
  • Surveys
  • Support
  • Public relations work
  • Support of realisation


  • Freeways
  • Federal roads
  • County roads
  • Urban roads
  • Bypasses
  • Access roads
  • Limited traffic zones
  • Service- and parking stations
  • Park & Ride-stations
  • Cycle tracks
  • Traffic facilities for pedestrians
  • Bus station
  • Intersections