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CEO Statement

This 21st century is characterized by increasing private and public indebtedness driven by the desire for equality through constant growth. However it has resulted both in the industrialized world as well as in the emerging world in unsustainable debt levels close to the limits despite already negative or very low interest rates. The only way out for Governments not to further increase the debt level is to introduce PPP Projects financed by the private sector, which is happening already. Efficient design, implementation, and operation of infrastructure projects come into the forefront as private parties, as opposed to the Government, must deliver profits.

It is against this background that Dorsch Consult Asia is adjusting slightly its strategy, as private parties require low upfront costs and after award an integrated package of engineering and implementation with economic, operational, and environmental efficiency. Therefore, we intend to complement the engineering side of our business with both operational and financing components. This three-pronged approach will enable us to implement projects as fully-fledged partner working in harmony with our clients.

In my vision for the 21st century, Dorsch Consult Asia will be engineering robust integrated solutions to fulfill regional requirements with international standards.

Dipl. Ing. Juergen Supik

Chief Executive Officer