Myanmar: Tha Kha Wun Kyaung Monastery


  • Buildings & Architecture


Dorsch Consult asia Co., Ltd.


Dr. Gregor Wessels, Author of “East Western Divan”


From 2012 to 2016

Project Activities

  • Literature research of building history
  • Research and interviews with the tenant monks, conservator and the monument conservatory
  • Research in alliance to historical buildings from all over the world
  • influences of architecture from Europe specifically the similarity of Elements from history
    Investigate cultural exchange between West and East
  • Survey of western stylistic in alliance to buddhistic elements
    Forms and details
    Material and number of elements
    Function and regulations
  • Graphic reconstruction and displaying of the building
  • Photographic documentation


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Tha Kha Wun Kyaung is a monastery in Mandalay. It was donated 1879 from Kinwun Mingyi, who was the last Prime Minster of Myanmar. Dr. Gregor Wessels investigated this astonishing architecture and discovered this building again to write the book East Western Divan. DCasia supported him with surveying, photographs, graphic drawings and documentation.