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In the already well developed industrial region of Cologne, small towns at the periphery of the regional capital face the problem of their population being forced to find work in the capital. This migration implies important financial losses for the periphera ltowns (derivation of purchase power, tax losses, etc.).

One response to these difficulties is the development of an industrial zone for local enterprises with expansion needs and for the settlement of enterprises which do not have to be in the main city.

Although the Frechen-Ost industrial zone is included in the local development programme, it is intended to engage a private developer for the development of this zone. This developer engaged DORSCH CONSULT to justify the feasibility of the project in respect to the following aspects:

  • Analysis of the regional economy (potential andconstraints)
  • Analysis of the labour market (present and future)
  • Analysis of potential generation of jobs and added value
  • Functional and socio-economic constraints for anindustrial zone in Frechen-Ost
  • Analysis of potential tax generation for the local and regional authorities
  • Financial analysis for the development of the zone
  • Preparation of a typical profile for the future zone (type of activities, size, functional division, divisioninto lots)
  • Analysis of competitors for this settlement area