Film Vision2045 - Dorsch Gruppe is shaping sustainable living spaces worldwide

In 2045, the United Nations will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Alongside the UN World Climate Conference 2022 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, TBD Media is presenting a series of documentaries in cooperation with Thomson Reuters as part of a Leadership Summit. The campaign, called "VISION2045," is designed to inspire businesses and people to work together for a better future.

VISION2045 brings together experts, business leaders and government officials to address the key challenges our society and planet are facing, and how we can work together to overcome these.

As one of 50 companies selected for the campaign, we as Dorsch Gruppe are proud to present our approach to create sustainable living spaces for future generations. In a world that is becoming more and more urbanized, the infrastructure sector plays a key role in fighting climate change.

See for yourself and learn more how we are creating sustainable and future-oriented living spaces.

Dorsch Gruppe is shaping sustainable living spaces worldwide - Film