Case study on combining GIS and BIM models

"The combination of GIS & BIM models is currently one of the most interesting application approaches for BIM development at Dorsch Gruppe," says Stephan Müller, Digital Transformation Manager at Dorsch Gruppe.   

The challenge in this case study was to visualise and publish a large-scale, complex project consisting of various sub- and discipline models in connection with publicly available and project-specific GIS and environmental data. The main objective was to make the project continuously accessible to clients, project managers, stakeholders and potentially the public without the need for specialised software or hardware.

The solution was to publish a digital twin of the project via ArcGIS Online and the Autodesk Construction Cloud.

In this case study, BIM experts from Dorsch Gruppe and Esri Germany test the application in two infrastructure projects using Esri GeoBIM with IFC models from the Autodesk Construction Cloud.