Rayong Province: PTTAR – IRPC Multi-Product Pipeline (MPPL)

IRPC and PTTAR are jointly developing the New Multi Product Pipeline Project to facilitate transfer of Gas Oil(GO) and Kerosene (KERO) from IRPC storage facility to PTTAR Refinery. IRPC and PTTAR want to expedite the project by performing Basic Design Engineering as well as Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in parallel.

Integrated Refinery & Petrochemical Complex Public Co., Ltd. (IRPC) wishes to complete the PTTAR-IRPC Multiproduct Pipeline System and Facilities to transport refined petroleum products from the IRPC Tank Farm to the PTTAR Refinery which is located in the Maptaphut Industrial Area.

The completed system will comprise a dedicated booster pump station and transfer pump station inside IRPC Tank Farm, about 27 km. x 12" multiproduct transmission pipeline from the IRPC Tank Farm to the PTTAR Refinery and receiving station inside the PTTAR Refinery.

Communication, SCADA, leak detection and control systems will be installed and will be operated in the existing control room located at IRPC. The communication link between PTTAR and IRPC will be done via lease line with back up by wireless GSM network.


Industrial Engineering


DC Asia


IRPC Public Company Limited

Project Activities

The scope of services for the Project includes Detailed Design Review and Approval, Construction Management covering management of Procurement and Construction, Commissioning, Start-up including:

  • Coordinate and conduct kick-off meeting with IRPC, EPC Contractor and other relevant stakeholders to establish project success factors.
  • Develop and implement project plans for the project covering management of quality, procurement including long lead items, construction, testing and commissioning, project cost, schedule control, document control, SHE, contract, coordination and overall project management.
  • Supervising the project execution plans
  • Coordinate and conduct regular progress meetings with all parties related to the project.
  • Manage Project schedules and determine corrective actions against delays.
  • Administer the EPC Contract with respect to recommendations/negotiation on penalties, change control, invoicing and costing.


From 2011 to 2013


Juergen Supik