Khao Bo Ya: Pipelines for LPG, Propane, Butane, Natural Gas and Water for Gas Separation Plant

Within the scope of a gas project in Thailand, consisting of a gas separation plant and marine terminal with tank farm and jetty, 5 transfer pipelines had to be design for the transportation of LPG, propane, natural gasoline and water.

  • LPG pipeline from gas separation plant to marine terminal, diameter 10”, length 63 km
  • Propane / butane pipeline from gas separation plant to refinery near marine terminal, diameter 8”, length 63 km
  • Natural gasoline pipeline from gas separation plant to marine terminal, diameter 4”, length 63 km
  • Water pipeline from Dok Krai reservoir to gas separation plant, diameter 500 mm, length 23 km
  • Water pipeline from Bang Bhra reservoir to marine terminal, diameter 125 mm, length 21.2 km


Industrial Engineering


DC Asia


Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT)

Project Activities

(DC services within Linde-Dorsch consortium)

  • Local site investigations
  • Basic engineering
  • Hydraulic calculation and optimization study
  • Preparation of specification
  • Checking of contractors‘ detailed design
  • Construction supervision


From 1981 to 1984


Juergen Supik