Khao Bo Ya: Marine Terminal

In the scope of a gas plant project, consisting of a gas separation plant at Rayong and a marine terminal with tank farm at Khao Bo Ya, a port had to be designed for handling propane, butane, LPG, natural gasoline and crude oil.

The jetty has one deep-water berth for propane, butane and LPG tankers of 30 000 and 80 000 m3 capacity and for crude oil, natural gasoline and petroleum tankers of up to 100 000 dwt with an access bridge of 1 300 m in length and a twin berth for LPG/propane and natural gasoline barges of up to 5 000 dwt with a 275 m access bridge branching off the main access bridge.

At the branch-off there is an operation platform with control building and pump house.

The three berths are equipped with breasting dolphins and mooring dolphins interconnected by catwalks.

Loading and unloading facilities with varying capacities of up to 6 000 m3/h and firefighting and operation facilities have been provided on the berths.

The jetty superstructure is a concrete structure resting on piles with a maximum length of approx. 50 m down to bedrock.


Industrial Engineering


DC Asia


Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT), Bangkok

Project Activities

  • Local site investigations, on-shore and off-shore
  • Basic engineering, preliminary design
  • Preparation of specifications and bid documents
  • Bid evaluation
  • Checking of contractors’ detailed design
  • Construction supervision


From 1981 to 1985


Juergen Supik