Rayong: IRPC – Natural Gas Pipeline Project

IRPC – Natural Gas Pipeline Project
IRPC – Natural Gas Pipeline Project

The IRPC Natural Gas Pipeline is a 25 km high pressurized pipeline system with the project purpose to expand the utilization of Third Transmission Pipeline for IRPC facilities at Rayong to feed in to the IRPC Combined Cycle Powerplant.

The pipeline will originate from the existing Third Transmission Pipeline to IRPC Industrial Complex and Combined Heat Power Plants.

The IRPC Natural Gas Pipeline Project had to be built under various sensitive concerns such as government, authorities, process, environmental matters, traffic, landowner issues, etc.


Industrial Engineering


DC Asia



Project Activities

Project management, Construction Supervision, from data collection, initial designs, surveys, through detail engineering, construction management and commissioning through 12 months warrantee period. Activities will include the following:

  • Overall project management
  • Project planning and implementation
  • Project control
  • Review and approve contractor's detail engineering, construction plans,
  • procedures and drawings
  • Risk Management
  • Contract administration.
  • Manpower allocation.
  • Supplier quality, expediting and shop inspection
  • Construction supervision.


From 2009 to 2011


Juergen Supik