Ha Noi: Institutional Strengthening of the Ministry of Transport

The project was Technical Assistance of the Asian Development Bank to provide advisory services to the Ministry of Transport (MOT), Viet Nam with respect to the following :

  • developing the newly established Viet Nam Road Administration (VRA) and assisting it to implement various road and road transport subsector reforms;
  • drafting a Viet Nam Road Act and its implementing regulations regarding the administration and management of roads and road maintenance works, passenger and goods transport by road, motor vehicles and their drivers, road safety programmes and their effective enforcement;
  • establishing a computer-based transport data bank within the MOT; and
  • organizing the Project Management Unit (PMU1) to effectively handle foreign assisted loans and technical assistance.

This project was one of the first to use successfully a process approach for the transfer of expertise and capacity building and institutional development of the VRA.

A series of formal and informal weekly workshops and seminars throughout the term of the project and number of working papers have been prepared for the client.

In carrying out the services close co-ordination and consultation was made with the legislative, planning and executive agencies of Viet Nam, including regional road and road traffic and transport authorities.


Transport and Infrastructure


DC Asia


Client and Asian Development Bank, Manila

Project Activities

Analysis of the road transport industry (passenger and goods transport) in Viet Nam and recommendation on reorganisation, the potential for Private Sector Participation (PSP) in state-owned transport companies.

Analysis of the existing road management system and recommendation regarding organisational and management improvements. 

Drafting of a Vietnamese Road Act and instructions regarding the administration and management of roads, passenger and goods transport by road, motor vehicles and their drivers, road traffic and road safety programmes, as well as there effective enforcement.


From 1994 to 1996


Juergen Supik