Rayong, Khao Bo Ya: Gas Plant Project, Thailand

The plant consists of the following main sections:

1. Gas Separation Plant at Rayong

  • Separation facilities
  • Utility generation of supply and distribution system
  • Offsite facilities
  • Buildings for all services

2. Transfer Pipelines

  • LPG pipeline (64 km)
  • Propane pipeline (64 km)
  • Natural gas pipeline (64 km)
  • Natural gasoline/crude oil & product pipelines from marine terminal to Torc refinery/Siracha tank farm

3. Marine Terminal

  • Tank farm
  • Offsite facilities
  • Service buildings

4. Jetty

The jetty has a deep-water berth for propane, butane & LPG tankers of 30000 to 80000 m3 capacity & for crude oil, natural gasoline and petroleum tankers of up to 100 000 dwt with an access bridge of 1300 m in length and a twin berth for LPG/propane & natural gasoline barges of up to 2000 dwt and oil & natural gasoline tankers of up to 5000 dwt with a 275 m access bridge branching off the main access bridge.

5. Housing Areas

In the vicinity of the gas separation plant & the marine terminal two housing areas are provided for the accommodation & recreation of employees & their families. A housing area is designed to accommodate 175 families with a total of 700 persons & the other one to accommodate 75 families with a total of 300 persons.


Industrial Engineering


DC Asia


Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT)

Project Activities

  • Basic engineering/preliminary design
  • Preparation of specifications and bid documents
  • Bid evaluation
  • Checking of contractor's detailed design
  • Construction supervision


From 1981 to 1985


Juergen Supik