Bangkok: Din Daeng-Don Muang Tollway – Northern Extension 1

Traffic on the existing expressway at ground level (volume approx. 180 000 vehicles per day) was not to be Interrupted; it was therefore necessary to effect special traffic management measures, adopt special construction methods and, above all, carry out construction work at night.

Standard viaduct cross-section: a concrete deck slab on top of 10 T-girders placed on cross-beams which are supported by 2 arms of Y-shaped piers-both an aesthetic and an economical solution.

A prefabrication yard was set up near the construction site; because of the restricted working area there, off-site prefabrication was essential:

  • surface area: 6 500 m²
  • gantries: 1 X 140 t/2 X 70 t
  • workshops
  • site laboratory
  • main offices
  • 2 concrete batching plants (each with capacity of 60 m³ / hour)


Transport and Infrastructure


DC Asia


Don Muang Tollway Co., Ltd.

Project Activities

  • Basic design

    • Product handling facilities
    • Product specifications

      • Piping and mechanical equipment design parameters

    • Process flow balances and material balances
    • Utility and safety requirements
    • Plot plans and lay-out drawings
    • Jetty design data

  • Preparation of bid documents comprising

    •  Contractual / legal part with instruction to bidders, scope of
    • work and conditions of contract Technical part with standard and engineering specifications covering all types of deliveries, installations and constructions

  • Contractor prequalification
  • procedure
  • Cost estimate
  • Bid evaluation and recommendation for contract award


From 1997 to 1998


Juergen Supik