Map Ta Phut, Rayong: ATC Interconnecting Pipeline Project

Aromatics Thailand Public Company is utilizing condensate from the gas deposits in the gulf of Thailand as the main raw material to produce aromatics products as import substitute and to maximize the value of natural resources.

The aromatics products which include Benzene, Paraxylene, Orthoxylene and mixed Xylenes are used as feed stocks for intermediate and downstream industries for the manufacturing of a multitude of essential products for everyday uses.

The project is to construct 17 pipelines with the total length of 11 kilometers between ATC’s Complex I and Complex II.


Industrial Engineering


DC Asia


Aromatics Thailand Public Company

Project Activities

Dorsch Consult Asia has been awarded the subcontract for the engineering package which contained basic and detailed engineering of pipelines, civil works and facilities including development of piping layout, lines sizing, and hydraulic performance of the pipelines, modification of existing pipe racks and piep bridges, the design of new pipe racks, pipe bridges, service roads, fences and box culverts.


From 2005 to 2006


Juergen Supik