1st place at the "House Challenge 2019" for Dorsch architect Ahmed Aglan


"The Tube House" - sustainable accommodation in the desert (© Dorsch Middle East)

Ahmed Aglan (Design Architect) and Bassel Omara (Lead Design Architect) at the RIBA's Architecture Festival 2020 

Dorsch congratulates Ahmed Aglan (Dorsch Middle East) and former Dorsch employee Haridas Narvekar on winning 1st place in the "House Challenge 2019"- "Desert House". In addition to their award, their design called "The Tube House" was selected and presented at RIBA's Architecture Festival 2020 in the Dubai Design District. Ahmed Aglan represented Dorsch on site and explained his concept to interested participants.

“The Tube House” is an environmentally friendly, self-supporting and practical invention for temporary accommodation in the desert. The sustainable design allows the use of local and wooden building materials.

For more information about "House Challenge 2019" and the "Tube House" please click HERE and HERE.


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