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3R: Large-scale project in Kosovo creates new drinking water systems (Edition 10-11/2018, page 13)

Dorsch creates a new, sustainable drinking water system in the republic Kosovo. The scope of service includes: planning/design of new water systems, quality management, steering technical processes, designation of water...


B_I umweltbau: In six phases to better water and sewage systems

Kosovo is currently undergoing a major project in the final phase. The working group CDI and Dorsch are responsible for the overhaul and improvement of the water supply and sewage systems.


VBI: Seychelles improve wastewater management (Edition 7/8 2018, p. 47)

The republic Seychelles will improve their wastewater management. Strong rainfall and high groundwater levels often cause flooding.


Markt & Mittelstand: United Arab Emirates - When companies need local partners

There are two options for German companies entering the United Arab Emirates: Either they set up a branch in one of the free trade zones - or they involve a local partner. Both have advantages as well as disadvantages.


ENTSORGA Magazine: Sewage treatment plants are being planned in Seychelles (Edition 3/18, p. 60)

The Republic of Seychelles improves its wastewater management. Dorsch is responsible for design, studies, construction supervision and management.


WasserWirtschaft: CEO Hoffmann has been appointed to the GIZ Economic Advisory Board (issue 6_2018, p. 123)

O. Hoffmann, CEO of the Dorsch Gruppe, has been appointed to the Business Council of the German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ).


B_I umweltbau: Water Management International: Republic of Seychelles plans better wastewater system (issue 3_2018, p. 14)

Because high rainfall and a high groundwater level often lead to floods, the sewage system in the Seychelles is to be improved. Dorsch is responsible for design and construction supervision.

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