CEO Statement

DC asia has been a respected consulting and engineering partner for industrial clients, private investors and public institutions for many years in Asia.  A companies’ success increasingly depends on the ability to communicate and to understand the client’s needs.

To achieve this goal it is essential to become a trusted partner familiar with the opportunities presented working within the client’s culture. We assemble a multicultural team utilizing the best local engineers to maximize their contribution in combination with our international expert “Know How” provided through our German and international affiliates.

We work for people: being technologically proficient, sociably responsible, reliable and independent while maintaining a high degree of professionalism.

DC asia wishes to establish long term partnerships – built on mutual trust and excellent communication – to offer our full expertise, maximizing the local engineering contribution with emphasis on the importance of good communication skills to fulfill the clients needs; providing the highest engineering standards for competitive prices.

Dipl. Ing. Juergen Supik

Chief Executive Officer

Juergen Supik
Juergen Supik